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This growing library of technical manuals and documents provides many of the instructions, procedures or bulletins to properly install and maintain our equipment. If your answer is not located here please contact us directly so we may supply you with the information you need.

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Hollister-Whitney Training Videos

Free Training at Hollister-Whitney

Attend customized, one & two-day sessions on any of the following topics:
  • Gearless Machine Set-up and Adjusting
  • Geared Machine Set-up and Adjusting
    • Ring and Worm Gear Alignment
    • Motor Tramming
    • Brake Adjusting (Disc & Drum)
  • Rope Gripper® Installation and Adjusting
  • Overspeed Governor Set-up and Calibration
  • Safety Set-up and Adjusting (Type A & B)
  • Car Sling & Platform Asembly
  • Factory Tour

H-W training topics may be eligible for NEIEP credit hours!

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Video: Machine maintenance procedures for Hollister-Whitney ELevator traction machines.
Video: Change and adjust Elevator Machine Brakes
Video: How to adjust a Hollister-Whitney overspeed governor.
Video: How to install and adjust an Elevator Safety from Hollister-Whitney Elevator.
Video: How to adjust and repair Roller Guide Shoes from Hollister-Whitney Elevator
Video: Changing a gear in a Hollister-Whitney Elevator machine.
Video: Introducing and Installing the Rope Gripper
Video: Changing Thrust Bearings on an elevator machine.
Video: Changing a traction wheel on a Hollister-Whitney traction elevator machine.