Machine Maintenance Procedures for Hollister-Whitney Elevator Traction Machines

Learn how to disassemble and reassemble an elevator machine, check and set the motor tramming and adjust the gear contact.

Change and Adjust Elevator Machines Brakes

How to change and adjust drum and disc brakes on an elevator machine.

How to Adjust a Hollister-Whitney Overspeed Governor

Learn how to change and adjust an overspeed governor for an elevator.

How to Install and Adjust an Elevator Safety from Hollister-Whitney Elevator

Learn how to install and adjust a Flexible Guide Clamp Safety on an elevator sling.

How to Adjust and Repair Roller Guide Shoes from Hollister-Whitney Elevator

Learn how to adjust and repair Roller Guide Shoes for elevator rails.

Changing a Gear in a Hollister-Whitney Elevator Machine

Learn how to change a gear in a Hollister-Whitney Elevator machine.

Introducing and Installing The Rope Gripper

This video highlights advantages of the Rope Gripper and shows basic installation procedures.

Changing Thrust Bearings on an Elevator Machine

How to change thrust bearings on an elevator traction machine.

Changing a Traction Wheel on a Hollister-Whitney Traction Elevator Machine

Learn how to change a traction wheel on a geared traction elevator machine.